Awaken Your Powers Masterclass by Sahara Rose + Shaman Durek

Stepping Up as a Conscious Leader in the Modern Age

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Awakening Your Power is a masterclass by Sahara Rose and Shaman Durek all about tapping into your innate potential so you can serve as a leader in the new paradigm.

They'll discuss
-being a leader in the new paradigm
-breaking through the perceived blocks and limiting beliefs that are keeping you playing small
-how to embody radiance and success
-how to attract beneficial collaborations and partnerships
-how to find your authentic voice
-using the internet as your sacred tool to raise consciousness
-how you can rise up fully into your power.

These two spiritual teachers, trained in Vedic and Shamanic lineages, are here to teach the teachers, coach the coaches and empower those that are ready to empower others.

If you are ready to show up, speak out, be seen and make a global impact, this masterclass is for you.

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